Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dying for More Dyeing

I took a wonderful class on Saturday at Misty Mountain Farm on dyeing techniques. Leanna and Linda Witt led the class. I had never tried dyeing anything before (except, maybe, food like frosting). The class was great for a novice like me because of all the information the Witts packed in. In only four hours, we learned two techniques for dyeing yarn and two techniques for dyeing fiber. I got to keep the yarn and fiber that I dyed, I had great fun, and the knowledge will be very useful. Kudos to Leanna and Linda! Check out their Web site for more fiber arts classes:

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sue said...

The class at Misty Mountain Farm/Blue Ridge
arns was fabulous! I went along for the ride and enjoyed Linda and Leanna showing all the "trick" to making the dye STAY in the fiber or yarn! We had a wonderful lunch, and the quiche was great Esther!, and the salad was all ultra organic. A very fun filled day and we both were glad to get home to rest up! Now...what am I going to try dying next??? Esther????