Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Project with Handspun - Fingerless Gloves

I haven't knit much with my handspun because I am still learning and because it can be difficult to find appropriate patterns. It has to be the right gauge, of course, and something that looks great in the color of the handspun you've got. But, I don't have very big lots to work with, or different handspun that would work together combined in a garment. I checked out the Wraps Per Inch on my yarns that I wanted to use, checked out my patterns, and found a good match. I was happy to find a pattern for fingerless gloves that takes only about two ounces of worsted yarn. I must have started them at least 4 times, trying a couple of different cast-ons and couple of different needle sizes. I am happiest with the latest - the knit-on cast on, on size 6 US needles. Here you see the work in progess, knit on dpns from the wrist up. I will need to do another pattern repeat then knit flat in order to create the thumb hole. I'll likely post another pic once they are completed. It's a fun pattern, knits up pretty quickly and I think they'll be fun to wear.

Wheels Turning

Spinning wheels and color wheels! I took a great class at Nature's Yarns with Martha Slover on color in spinning. I had never been introduced to the color wheel before, so I learned a lot. I had never practiced carding, but at the class I got plenty of practice carding in order to blend the colored fiber. We created new color blends out of the secondary and primary colors, including adding white, grey, brown and black. Then we spun yarn out of some of it. The beginning of my own color wheel!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spinning Vocab

I found some good Web sites with spinning terms. I think my favorites are noils, and strick, and kempy. (this has general textile terms)
Impress your friends with your spinning and fiber vocabulary, and use the word knowledge to your advantage playing Scrabble.