Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stash Buster

As a new spinner, it's typical to be really enthusiastic about it and experiment a lot to build skill. What do you end up with? A great big yarn stash! What to do? Weaving is great stash buster - uses a lot of yarn, as I found out. Also, it's a versatile craft, and much faster than knitting.

My husband Dave and I had a great time weaving at Misty Mountain. Both newbies, we were surprised how long it takes to prepare the loom, getting the warp set. The equipment can be intimidating and the setup is not intuitive, but Linda and Leanna Witt, the owners and instructors for the class, were so encouraging that I felt extremely comfortable and I could just go for it and have fun.

Below are some pics - we are measuring out the warp and putting the warp on the loom. More pics to come in follow-on posts. Thank you to my friend Sue for the pictures - she's got a great new camera, and since I forgot to bring any camera at all we wouldn't have pics without Sue.

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