Friday, August 28, 2009

An Ode to Low-Tech

Of course I think about spinning A LOT, and today the thought I had is that I like it partly because it is low-tech. That's what flashed in my mind as I was pumping gas - yes, pumping gas. Gee (I was thinking), I'm enjoying this SO much more - or at least it's less annoying - than when I fill up at one of those places with the gas pumps that talk to me. Also - power toothbrushes. I have to confess I haven't tried one, but I'm simply against the idea. Oh, and I have a car with a lot of sensors and sometimes that gets annoying.

So - though I love my computer and gadgets, I like going low-tech. I like powering the spinning wheel myself - I don't foresee myself buying an electric wheel. I like the fact that a drop spindle has no moving parts. I like working with wool and thinking about the animal it came from. For me there's even some interest generated in having to deal with the bits and pieces of hay and everything in the fiber.

Please take my poll and let me know how you feel about power toothbrushes. I need to know if I have some backing on this extremely important issue.


sue said...

Love it! Just love it! I hate power toothbrushes because I always thought they may go haywire and someone gets electricuted!! That's my take and my misspelling, too!

The spinning wheel is the most intellectual, fascinating, relaxing, piece of "low-tech". Imagine, all the tech stuff out there now and all it took was someone to put a wheel on a horizontal shaft, some twine, etc and look what we have! AND that happened hundreds of years ago !

Laura said...

I had a power toothbrush once, it didn't last very long.

Having spent the past hour out on the deck spinning, I have to agree that the spinning wheel is the "best" low tech gadget around.

fig said...

Well, I've been thinking about a power toothbrush, but I am dead-set against power leaf blowers. I like brooms and rakes. :-)