Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spinning Bamboo - Tips

Spinning Bamboo is challenging, but I've been enjoying it. I've been spinning it on my lightweight Golding spindle, the tsunami. My best advice is to pull out and spin from very small tufts of the fiber. Otherwise it's difficult to handle because it is very fine and can tangle easily. Spinning in very small tufts, I can preserve the color variegation. You can see it in the first photo - in the fiber and on the spindle. The brownish colors are actually very similar but with careful spinning you can prevent them from blending too much and getting muddy.
To achieve this, I sort of stripped the hank of fiber so that it's in thin, very long strips. To spin, I pull out about five small tufts, three or four inches long as you see in the second photo. There's no strict rule - you can pull out about 10 tufts if you wish. It's simply for convenience to have them at hand when you are ready to join them to what you've already got on the spindle.
As you can see on the spindle, the result is a fine singles with a very nice sheen. It can be spun thin because it's very strong.


Laura said...

Beautiful job, Esther. Love the colors.

sue said...

Oh, I love it! the colorway is going to work out nicely the way you are spinning the colors! Is that Dancing Leaf's mohair? sue