Thursday, October 23, 2008

Slippery Purple Slope

I am currently spinning this fiber, which I got from Webs in Northampton, Massachusetts in September. Wow, it's slippery stuff - a bit more challenging than spinning corriedale. Unfortunately I am not sure of the fiber blend. The color combination is pretty. It isn't making a variegated yarn, so I don't intend to Navajo ply it. I think this will be one where I ply two singles together. Webs, um, well, Web page is Lots of goodies on the site. Before you are tempted, be sure you have reaffirmed that you DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SPINNING WHEEL...


sue said...

I guess I didn't listen when you said another spinning wheel?? Well, now that I have three wheels and made 5 more drop spindles, I guess I didn't pay much attention!!

Glaucia said...

Hi! How are you?
Your blog is fine, good to know you're spinning, this must be a great thing to do.
I've never tried, maybe one day.
Good to see you