Friday, October 3, 2008

Means, Motive and Opportunity

If you know cats, you'll understand. I thought it was safe, I was just going to step out for a minute. Sure, I was in the middle of plying but they won't bother it, WILL they? Only to return to it - wrapped around my chair ... inspiring this warped version of a song by the Bobs, "There's a nose ring in my soup":

I’ve never touched a more fabulous fiber
Compliments on the yarn
The softness is better than yak from the Khyber
The twist is just right, so balanced and nice

I’m not used to Navajo plying
What way to loop the yarn next?
Counter clockwise, my wheel really flying
But one thing is strange that I wish I could change

There is cat spit in this yarn
There is cat spit in this yarn
And the slime of it is giving me pause
Was the singles gnawed by some tiny jaws?
There is cat spit in this yarn

You must listen to the original (abridged):
(click on the speaker picture)
The official Bobs site is - the lyrics to Nose Ring are there, direct link is

1 comment:

sue said...

This is GREAT!!!! You must have a poet background or else you are very good at putting words to lyrics that match our spinning woes! I couldn't get the site to play the song, but I did read the "real" nose ring in my soup! I loved it! sue