Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Use the Force!!

Flash of insight - you can use your wheel (probably) as a tensioned lazy kate!! I found it a big help while practicing more Navajo plying. Using the wheel, I took off the drive band and put on my bobbin with the singles, with the Scotch tension on the bobbin. I set up my other wheel to ply on. It worked great, holding at bay the twisty curlicues that were so bothersome when I was doing the Navajo plying previously. The flyer on the wheel I was using as a kate didn't move as I pulled the yarn during plying.


sue said...

This is very interesting. I wish I had my other two wheels to try this technique out! Helping you with the navajo plying on wed night at the group left me with "nightmare" visions of never achieving this type of ply. Using the other wheel for the tension when you do not have a tensioned lazy kate is great! sue

CraftyGryphon said...

Hi, found you via SweetLife (although I haven't been for months due to work, I still get the e-mails!). I'm a shiny-new spinner myself, so I'll be reading along and picking up hints.